New Approach to sustainable finance

Bringing sustainable finance to the regions

We aim to:

  • transfer the Sustainable Finance know-how of the major financial sectors in Europe
  • create new interactive learning spaces in which we turn regional key players into pioneers in the field of sustainable finance

We cover:

  • EU Regulation
  • FinTech
  • Housing market
  • Climate protection
  • and much more

We offer:

  • challenging keynote sessions by high-level experts in sustainable finance and social entrepreneurship
  • interactive opportunities for exchange with executives and interested consultants from the finance industry, as well as representatives from politics, social entrepreneurship, non-profit organizations and foundations

After the kick-off in 2018, we have been in Dortmund for the first time in 2019 and in Mannheim for the second time. Due to the Corona situation, there was no Future of Fair Finance in 2020, and will be transmitted online from Mannheim in 2021.