Local Sustainable Finance Action Plans

November 16th 2022
Mannheim and online


Registration for the event on 16.11. now open

You can now register for the Future of Fair Finance on November 16, 2022 here (free of charge).

GLS Bank as a further Sponsor 2022

Many thanks to GLS Bank, Germany´s largest sustainability bank, for supporting the Future of Fair Finance for the second time.
You can see all the supporters of the 2022 event here.

Corporate initiative “Fairantwortung” is network partner 2022

The corporate initiative Fairantwortung gAG supports the Future of Fair Finance this year as a network partner. Since 2013, Fairantwortung has been raising awareness and pointing out concrete alternatives in order to be a positive catalyst for truly sustainable change, especially in the economy. Municipalities are also partners in the network.

Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord is a sponsor again

We are very pleased that Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord is again supporting the Future of Fair Finance in 2022! This makes it a firm partner at the event in Mannheim from the very beginning, in 2018. Many thanks!
You can see all the supporters of the 2022 event here.

Future of Fair Fainance 2022

“Local Sustainable Finance Action Plans”

How can cities and regions use current developments in sustainable finance to better finance their own sustainability goals? How can companies, municipalities, NGOs and citizens contribute to this, and what role do motivation, training and networking play in this?

These questions are being investigated by the organizers of the Future of Fair Finance as part of a current “turnaround money” pilot project. Together with committed stakeholders from the four participating model cities Mannheim, Munich, Ghent (Belgium) and Križevci (Croatia), action plans are being developed for each city. Key results of the project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, will be presented at the morning event (on site at Mafinex in Mannheim and online in parallel).

The subsequent workshop in the afternoon is primarily aimed at people from Mannheim and the region. Here, the ideas of the action plan for Mannheim will be discussed, deepened and, as far as possible, implementation steps will be initiated (only on site at Mafinex in Mannheim, not online).

The main target group are actors in municipalities who want to advance sustainability through improved financing and who want to start activities and build structures for this purpose.

Agenda 2022 – Overview

Morning Program (on site at Mafinex in Mannheim and online in parallel)

Sustainable Finance in Europe and Germany and „Local Sustainable Finance Action Plans“

09:00 Welcome, Introduction

09:15 Keynotes: New Developments in Sustainable Finance in the EU and in Germany
Representatives of the EU-Commission and of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

10:00 Results of the Pilot Cities Mannheim, Munich, Ghent and Križevci
by Partners of the Project turnaround money

12:00 Sustainable Finance in our City: Lessons learned
Panel with Representatives of the Pilot Cities

12:45 Final of the Morning Program / Lunch Snack

Afternoon Workshop (only in German language, only on site at Mafinex in Mannheim, not online)

Sustainable Finance Modellstadt Mannheim

14:00 Das Projekt turnaround Money
Kurzvostellung durch die Projektleitung

14:20 Aktivitätsideen aus Mannheim stellen sich vor
durch verschiedene Akteure

15:00 Parallele Workshops zur Vertiefung vorgestellter Ideen

16:00 Pause

16:30 Mannheimer Aktionsplan Nachhaltigkeit Finanzieren als Teil des Local Green Deals:
Einordnung und mögliche nächste Schritte
Abschlusspanel mit Mannheimer Akteur:innen

17:15 Abschluss und Ausblick

mit anschließendem Networking-Imbiss

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Project Funding turnaround money

The turnaround money project, on which this year’s Future of Fair Finance is based, is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (“BMUV”) as part of the European Environmental Protection Initiative EURENI.

Impressions Future of Fair Finance May 25, 2021 (in German)

“Affordable Housing and Climate Protection”

the minds behind it

A team of professional partners with different perspectives forms the heart of Future of Fair Finance. In the regions in which the events take place, we work specifically with local partners.

Fair Finance Institute - Markus Duscha

Founder Markus Duscha looks back on more than 30 years of political-strategic consulting and research work for sustainable development. Since 2017, he has been contributing to the design of sustainable finance through consulting and research with the Fair Finance Institute, which he founded. Since June 2022 Markus Duscha is a member of the
Sustainable Finance Advisory Committee of the Federal Government.

Starkmacher e.V. - Christian Röser

Christian Röser and his teamwork with partners from various fields of work and benefit from knowledge transfer, established infrastructures and a large network.